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WordTrainer is an appliction for Windows mobile / Pocket PC
Wordtrainer helps you learning using the cardbox system.
The primary purpose is learning foreign language vocabulary.
But my kids use it to learn the basic multiplication tables, too.
Files containing the questions and answers can be easily
created on your desktop computer using any texteditor.

free, open source, GPL



Data file format:
Here is an example file assuming that you are English and want to learn German:

girl|das Mädchen
boy|der Junge
house| das Hause
cat|die Katze
car|das Auto /n die Autos

As you can see the file format is very easy, one question and answer per line serparated by a '|'.
You can insert line breaks by using the C standard code '/n'
Standard file extension is *.wtf

Creating a data file
You can create the data file at the desktop using the text editor of your choice, e.g. notepad.exe or Openoffice Write.
File format see above
Once you have created such a file you can copy it to your mobile device (into 'My Documents' or 'SD-MMCard/My Documents')and open it with wordTrainer.

Or you create the data file on your mobile device using wordTrainer itself (you can add questions and answers)

Download wordtrainer.cab and copy it to your Pocket PC.
Install by taping on wordtrainer.cab
Installing on a memory cards does not have any disatvantages

if you have created a database on your desktop:
Start wordTrainer
Select File/Open from the menu
Your data file should be displayed
Tab on the datafile to load the database

If you dont have created a database on your desktop:
Start wordTrainer
Select File/New from the menu
It is recommended that you save the database now: choose File/Save as from the menu and save the file
Start adding cards by choosing Cards/Add new card from the menu
from time to time you should save your database by selecting File/Save from the menu

In the overview screen:
Under 'Total:' you can see how many cards you have in the database
Tap on the button labeld 'Auto' to start learning
Now you will be questioned. Try to guess the answer and tap on 'Show answer'
The right answer will be presented to you
If your guess was right, tap on 'Correct'. The card will be promoted to the next lower box (e.g. from box 8 to box 7)
If your guess was wrong, tap on 'False'. The card will be demoted to an higher box again.
If you want to return to the overview, select 'Cards/Stop asking' from the menu.
Do not forget to save your database from time to time.
Once you maneged to get all cards into box 1 you are perfect :-)
Have fun !

I am aware that this help is quite brief at the moment.
So do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions:

jsunz [.at.] gmx {.dot.} net

Project overview at sourceforge is here

source can be found in svn